Friday, December 21, 2007

Radiohead, W/C In Digital Licensing Breakthrough

Radiohead and its long-time publisher Warner/Chappell Music have launched a unique "all rights" digital licensing service for the alternative rock band's new album "In Rainbows," can reveal.

The music publishing giant has created a global "one stop shop" solution for the critically-acclaimed set, which will enable potential rights users worldwide to secure licenses from a single destination, effectively side-stepping the label and traditional collecting societies networks.

For the new album, Warner/Chappell will administer all digital rights, including mechanical, performing, synchronisation, lyrics, master recordings, image and likeness, and will license synch rights for both publishing and master rights for TV and film synch uses in the offline world.

Jane Dyball, senior VP, European legal and business affairs, Warner/Chappell Music describes the new digital licensing development as an "experimental solution" which should benefit the Radiohead while "providing all their licensees with a new, highly flexible service."

Radiohead blazed a new trail when the band recorded the album independently, and released it digitally through its official Web site from Oct. 10, allowing downloaders to name a price to own a virtual copy.

The "honesty box" trial will conclude Monday, ahead of the album's tradition release through XL Recordings internationally on New Year's Eve. ATO Records Group will issue the album the following day in the United States, while Hostess Entertainment has a license agreement to release the album Dec. 26.

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