Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ad-supported free music downloads [TrendCentral]

May 25, 2007
Free Music by We7
While the terms “free” and “legal” aren’t usually used together to describe the business of music downloading, a new platform called We7 has developed a system that does just that. Currently in beta, We7 gives brands the chance to communicate with users by "grafting” a short (around 10 seconds) audio or video ad to the front end of the file. Custom tailored to each user through demographics and preferences supplied by the user, these ads in turn provide revenue to the artists. And after about four weeks, users are given the option to have the track ad-free. Users can play their DRM-free files on any device, and can share these files via We7 with whomever they’d like.

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Anonymous said...

Yea its a great service. The tracks are also entirely DRM free which means the music is compatible with all mp3 player types.

there are aroung 200,000 music tracks available now and loads more coming in the future. Definitely worth checking out!!